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Tobacco Blend

The Emperor Blend consists of Virginia (flue-cured)

tobacco. The Tobacco leaves are hung in heated barns

where they lose their moisture and develop the distinct

aroma, texture and colour.

Tipping Paper

Emperor non-toxic quality tipping paper presents the

brand, flavor and strength of our cigarettes. Emperor

tipping paper is partly water resistant, has wet strength

and meets food hygiene standards.

Cigarette Paper

Emperor only use High quality wrapping paper for the

best blend and taste consistency. Excellent burning

speed control, High opacity and low air permeability.

Cigarette Filter

Emperor consist of high-quality crimped cellulose

acetate fibers that are bonded firmly. The cigarette

Filter is capable of reducing particulate matter e.g. tar,

nicotine and offers the familiar Emperor Tobacco

blend and taste.

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Emperor Tobacco

With over 25 years experience in the tobacco industry,  Emperor Tobacco Southern African Manufacturing Plant is proudly based and successfully operated in Mozambique. Our State of the art cigarette manufacturing plant is designed to produce the finest quality cigarettes, using only the highest quality tobacco and raw materials.






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